Important information regarding COVID-19 | Información importante sobre el Coronavirus
September 15, 2020

How Can Increased Freight Costs Benefit Workers?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of industries. Most professionals are now working from home. Restaurants that never provided outdoor seating or delivery options before are now surviving off of it. Many people are staying at home and ordering goods to be delivered to their door. All of this has brought another important change during this pandemic: shipping prices are rising.

This rise in freight and shipping prices can be attributed to simple supply and demand. With so much travel shut down, there are fewer opportunities to ship goods. At the same time, people at home are expecting more shipments than ever. Combine a scarcity in shipping resources with customers’ demand for delivered goods and a rise in price is inevitable. For example, a lot of transatlantic cargo is moved on passenger jets, and with fewer people traveling, a lot of transatlantic flights have been canceled. Therefore, it is more challenging to get cargo from one side of the ocean to another. If you want a good to be shipped to you internationally, you have to be willing to pay an elevated price, which ensures that your cargo gets a seat on one of the few remaining passenger planes.

This rise in shipping prices is likely temporary. Whenever there is a disproportionate change in supply and demand, a cost change usually follows. The good news is that the increased demand for shipped goods may soon mean that jobs and opportunities will open up. If you have been struggling to hold down work during this challenging time, shipping and freight may be the right place to focus your attention. There is money to be made in this industry, so keep an eye out for new opportunities as they arise.

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