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There are several situations that may lead you to question whether you are being paid or treated fairly by your employer. Federal and state laws prohibit employers from being unfair or inappropriate, but that doesn’t always mean that they follow these rules. If you are concerned about how you are being treated, here are some signs that you may have a case.

Signs you May Have a Wage and Hour Case

  • You are not being paid minimum wage, which is $12 in California.
  • You are not being paid for every hour that you have worked. Your employer cannot withhold pay for hours worked.
  • Your employer has clocked you out while you were still working. This is illegal, and you are entitled to be compensated for all time worked.
  • Your employer has failed to provide you with uninterrupted meal or rest breaks. You are entitled to rest and meal breaks at intervals depending on your shift.
  • Your employer has required you to work overtime, but has not paid you overtime pay for hours worked over 40 in a week.
  • Your employer refuses to pay you for the time you spend putting on or taking off work-related safety gear at work. You should be compensated for all work-related activities, especially on-site.
  • Your employer refuses to compensate you for work-related travel expenses. You should be compensated for work-related travel during the workday, or on certain occasions or events.

Signs you May Have a Discrimination Case

  • You applied for a job but were asked inappropriate questions about your marital status, sexual orientation, religion, or plans to become pregnant.
  • You have been passed over for promotions without legitimate explanation.
  • You feel targeted or have been disciplined excessively compared to co-workers of the opposite sex.
  • You are a woman with adequate qualifications, but consistently get bypassed in favor of male co-workers for certain projects or promotions.
  • Your supervisor has demanded sexual favors in return for a promotion or special treatment.
  • Your supervisor or co-workers sexually harass you, and the work environment is stressful and damaging to your health or mental status.
  • You scored poorly on a performance report, and you believe the results are untrue or unfair.
  • Your workload has been decreased after announcing a pregnancy, medical condition, or reaching a certain age.
  • The tone of the workplace is demeaning and alienating, and supervisors do not correct it.

If any of these signs resonate with you, you may have a case. Contact For All Workers to speak with our employment law attorney to find out more.

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