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If you are or have been a victim of pregnancy discrimination, don’t be afraid to contact an attorney. You deserve every opportunity to protect your legal rights and get justice.

We want victims to know that they are not alone as they fight back


For All Workers is an employment law firm offering services throughout California. Founded by David Yeremian, the firm represents clients in all manner of employment law cases, including wage and hour disputes, discrimination, and harassment. At For All Workers, the ideal client is anyone who has suffered unfair or unequal treatment by an employer. In addition to pregnancy discrimination cases, our firm has helped clients with cases involving:

  •  Unfair or unequal pay 
  • Employers who failed to pay for all hours worked 
  • Employers who failed to provide adequate benefits 
  • Discrimination and harassment claims 
  • Sexual harassment and abuse claims

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  • If you have been a victim at any point in your life, now is your time to seek justice
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We understand that if you are seeking an attorney you are likely going through a rough time. We promise to treat you like an individual and will work hard to help you achieve justice.

If you have been a victim at any point in your life, now is your time to seek justice from your abusers. Do not suffer in silence any longer.

Pregnancy discrimination is one of the most devastating experiences that anyone can have. At For All Workers we understand how difficult it is for victims and their loved ones. Our pregnancy discrimination attorneys are dedicated to providing compassionate yet aggressive legal representation to victims and their families.

Civil claims enable victims to personally hold the perpetrator accountable through a personal injury lawsuit. Through a personal injury lawsuit, the victim may also be able to recover compensation for the harm they have suffered.

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