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Sexual harassment is everywhere – in off-color comments, sexually-charged jokes, gestures, physical actions, or even text messages. In the workplace, sexual harassment is a serious problem, and can make even the most well-rounded workplaces a nightmare.

Victims of sexual harassment often hide the enormity of how the harassment is affecting them. They are afraid of “rocking the boat” and may not file a complaint with their supervisor or human resources department. In many cases, the harasser is the supervisor, which creates an even more hostile environment.

At For All Workers, we advocate for the rights of individuals who have suffered from sexual harassment. Any form of harassment is a violation of state and federal employment laws, and is a violation of your legal rights. Further, some cases of harassment are also criminal acts. You deserve to take a stand and get justice against sexual harassment.

California Law and Sexual Harassment

Since the #metoo movement took social media by storm, more attention has been placed on sexual harassment and the laws designed to protect people from being harassed. Unfortunately, many cases of harassment and discrimination go unreported, or are ignored. In the workplace, the most common forms of sexual harassment are:

  • Quid pro quo Harassment – An employer demands sexual favors in exchange for employment, promotion, or other incentives.
  • Hostile Work Environment – An employer knowingly allows sexual harassment, offensive behavior, intimidation, or oppressive work conditions to create an environment that is hostile and unfair.

A large majority of sexual harassment claims are brought by women against male supervisors or co-workers. However, sexual harassment is not limited to women, but can also target men and transgender individuals.

California Sexual Harassment Laws

In California, there are several laws that offer protection for employees who have experienced sexual harassment, as well as those who have, or are planning to, file a claim. The primary law that protects employees is the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). This law includes anti-discrimination and anti-harassment provisions.

Recently, sexual harassment laws have taken an unusually forward position with Governor Jerry Brown signing eight bills aimed at preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. The new laws are designed to clarify previous laws and offer additional guidance for employers and employees.

Advocates for Sexual Harassment Victims

State and federal laws, and even our Governor, may be attempting to acknowledge and prevent sexual harassment more than ever, but unfortunately, millions of people still suffer from harassment or discrimination each year. At For All Workers, our goal is to be advocates for victims of sexual harassment.

We can help you explore and understand your legal rights. We can also help you find the best options to put an end to your suffering – be it filing a claim with your company, filing a claim with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) or the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC), or filing criminal charges. We will stand beside you every step of the way.

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